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Live tickers are customized feeds that are hosted on our servers and you only past Live ticker code on your website and livescore Liveticker is displayed on your website. This is great solution for you if you do not want to make major developement while integrating livescore data into your website.

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Promo: Cool soccer, basketball, tennis or hockey livetickers. NO BANNER, NO LINKS, White label solution . Contact us for more info Price: 150 € Info: 150

Promo: XML soccer livescores, fixtures, results and tables feed for over 240 soccer competitions all around the world for only 1 EUR per competition. Price: 240 € Info: 240

Latest news

2011-02-25 ... We developed new cool liveticker. You can see example here. If interested to integrate it into your web site plese contac us.

2010-12-20 ... We upgrade our website so that you will be able to find solution for you much qicker now. Also we add demo pages for our product .

2010-11-12 ... We open online suport page for our clients for quicker comunication.

2010-04-04 ... Coverage of new soccer league. We started to cover: Albania - Kategoria Superiore.

2010-03-14 ... Coverage of new ice hockey leagues. We started to cover: Italy LIHG league, Switzerland NLA league and Poland PHL league. In total now we cover 15 ice hockey leagues from all around the world.

2010-03-04 ... Coverage of new basketball leagues. We started to cover: Turkey BBL league, Croatia A1 league, Poland KLP league and Sweden Grundserien. In total now we cover 17 basketball leagues from all around the world.

2010-02-02 ... We upgrated our XML scores feeds. From now on we can integrate odds of selected bookie in same feed where soccer socres are. This is great option for displaying sponsor bookie odds next to soccer matches.

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If you are interested to work with us please send us email. We are looking for local representatives for various regions.